TCGC Animal League
"Taking Care of God's Creatures"




"Dedicated to the rescue and permanent placement of homeless pets"


Chip Chip, a large senior male purebred Lab, was rescued from a high kill shelter. Chip was breathing abnormally so we took him to a Vet to find out his heart was enlarged and he had fluid. He was given fluid pills which were working. Chip also had arthritis in both hips and also had multiple gunshots throughout his body. The Vet could not operate to remove the bullets since there were so many but Chip was given arthritis medication and treatments needed to make him comfortable and monitor his liver function to make sure the medication did not hurt him. He had been responding well to his medications when he suddenly had a severe allergic reaction to something. At this time we do not know what caused the allergic reaction, but we will update this info if we learn more. (6/22/11)  

  Andy was a sweet male Dalmatian with a wonderful personality. He had a heat stroke at a local shelter and was brought into a Vet hospital where he laid in a kennel because no one would adopt him. Because Andy was kenneled so long at the Vet, his arthritis grew severe and the Vet decided the humane thing to do was to put him down. TCGC is a no kill shelter and had no part in the decision to put him down but acknowledges his pain and the best interest of the dog was taken into consderation by the Vet and the hospital. TCGC was trying to find a forever home for him in hopes that he would be able to live in a home before his death. (11/4/06) Andy

Moochie I am so sad to report that Moochie, an adult male Keeshond who was imprisoned on the end of a chain all his life and never knew love (just someone tossing him some food now and again), became sick and his owners put him down. I am sorry Moochie that your life was not good, but we will remember you and we will be even more dedicated to help God's Creatures have a life where they are treated with respect and love...a life where they can be cherished and that the animals in return will show love back to his owner. This is for you Moochie! I wish I could have adopted you before you departed this life. (7/29/05)  

  We called her Amazing Grace because it truly was amazing that this girl survived such a hard life (8 years of being used for breeding) only to be discarded at a local shelter. Gracie is no longer with us. Her cancer had progressed and she had gotten so weak. This precious girl may have had a rough life, but she knew what it was like to be loved for the last of her days. She was a real sweetheart and will always be remembered. (3/1/06) Gracie