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We have 3 new pets that need critical care and we need your help!

This kitten was kicked and pushed off of the couch by a child. He is 4 months old and the kitten has neurological damage. He needs to go to UT Vet Hospital in Knoxville ASAP if he ever will have a chance of a normal life per the Vet. He walks with his front legs but he falls with his back legs. He could be helped but the sooner we raise the money of $2600.00 the better. We already have $400 toward the bill so we need $2200 to see he gets the care needed. The price estimated was given to the Vet that was attending him from UT. UT will NOT allow services without the funds.

This kitten is called Tiny. She is a small black kitten living outside with both front paws broken and healed that way. Her nails were growning backwards into her paw and she was in constant pain. Both paws are infected. She has been at the Vet for going on two weeks. They are soaking her paws twice a day and giving antibotic injections. She also tested postive for Luekemia but the Vet says she is doing fine with that. The Vet says you can retest in a few weeks and the test might be negative. She is retesting but this cost will be more than we can handle ourselves. If you can help with either of these kittens, please do because they were urgent care needed.

Blackie is a black Lab who was turned over to the kill shelter at the age of 12. He has never been neutered and not updated on shots. He is dog friendly and cat friendly in addition to be housetrained. Blackie is the perfect dog but he has several hard masses that need to come off ASAP.

Please help us help these three rescues!! We need the funds asap to take off masses and help these beautiful ittens. If you could please give whatever you can to pay for their medical expenses, we would appreciate it so much. You can doante using the medical/vetting donation button below - you can designate who the funds are for.