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We are having some email issues and apologize for the inconvenience. If you have sent an email to the adoptions@tcgcal.com email address in the last 3 weeks and are wondering why you have not received a reply, that's because we didn't receive it. Please send your email again but send it to tcgcal@yahoo.com.

Please send all correspondence to tcgcal@yahoo.com until the email issue with the adoptions@tcgcal.com address has been resolved.

The good news is that we are still receiving the applications that are submitted on the website since those go to a different email account. So there is no need to submit your applications again unless you emailed a Word version to the adoptions@tcgcal.com address.

MOST URGENT! We have 3 new pets that need critical care and we need your help!
Click here for more information.

Kicked kitten has neurological damage Tiny has a broken paw with claws growing the wrong way Blackie has masses that need to be removed

We have rescued several senior dogs. In order to place them in homes as soon as possible, we are lowering our adoption fee for Seniors to $100 (with approved Home visits and Vet checks). Click here to see a list of the top 10 reasons to adopt a senior dog.

Cold Weather Tips

Why Do Dogs Growl?

Dogs growl for a variety of reasons. Growling is understandable. Dogs don’t have many choices in vocal sounds, and many of them come across to humans as growling. When a dog needs something from us, a dog with some initiative will try to find a way to ask rather than waiting around for us to think of it...[read more]

Memorial/Gift Donations

If you wish to make a donation in memory of or in honor of someone or as a gift, use the button below. You will need to send us an email at adoptions@tcgcal.com after making your payment. Please let us know the type (honor, memory, gift, etc.) of donation, your name and address, and the recipient's name and address along with any special requests/instructions.

Hale Pet Door manufactures high-end pet doors in the U.S.A. and supports rescues too. If you are considering installing a pet door in your home, check them out at www.halepetdoor.com. Hale Pet Doors can go through walls, doors, screens, French doors, windows units and sliding glass doors.

Customers who have adopted a pet from a legitimate rescue organization or shelter and who purchase one of their pet doors will receive 10 percent off the cost of the door. Hale will also send a check for that same amount to the rescue organization as a gift to them. It is their way of saying "thank you for opting to adopt and thereby save a life."

TCGC Animal League is set up to benefit from this program.

 PetMeds graciously supports our cause. 

Donations and Foster Homes Needed!

TCGC is a non profit organization.  The economy has hurt everyone including the rescue of dogs and cats.  It is hard to rescue when you are putting so much into the dogs and cats food.  They do need shelter and food.

We have foster homes to keep them in, but the cost of boarding (when our foster homes are full), vetting and food are putting a toll on the budget of TCGC.  I know not everyone can foster or help take care of them but if you can give just a little bit to help with the food costs, it would free up other funds for vetting and boarding.

Our foster homes are full and we have many dogs in boarding facilities until they can be placed in foster homes. In an effort to get these rescues adopted or in foster homes, we are having Saturday adoption events at Petsmart in Kingsport at 2003 N Eastman Rd. All adoptions require a home visit and vet check approvals. We will also have some Sunday adoption events at Petsmart in Kingsport - check our facebook page for those announcements. If you can foster a dog for us, please let us know at adoptions@tcgcal.com or check out our Foster Application. Please come out and support us.

We know everyone is in a strain but please help feed our beautiful sweet rescues.  None deserved to be in a shelter.  Thanks for caring!

All checks should be written to "TCGC Animal League" and can be mailed to:

TCGC Animal League
P.O. Box 2406
Kingsport, TN 37662

You can also donate via PayPal using the buttons below.

Building Fund

Planning for your Pet's Future

As a responsible guardian, it is important to think about who would care for your pets in the event of your inability, illness, or even death, and to implement a plan to prevent your pets from ending up in a shelter where their future remains uncertain. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your pets are always cared for, even after you're gone.

A Poison Safe Home

Feeding Older Dogs

Make sure your pets have collar ID and are microchipped! Also when you take your pet with you on vacation, be sure to add an ID tag that lists your cell phone number.


TCGC Animal League is a non-profit organization, founded in 2002. We are funded entirely by donations and rely totally on volunteers. Our pets are rescued from local animal shelters, and placed in foster homes until a permanent home can be found. Although we rescue many breeds, Bassets, Beagles, and Labrador Retrievers are our primary focus. We do not currently have a facility where these pets can be viewed, but once your application has be approved, arrangements can be made to meet the pet.

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